The Butler County Bar Association is a voluntary association of approximately 400 attorneys who either practice or live in Butler County, Ohio. Hamilton, Ohio is the county seat of Butler County. The communities of Middletown, Fairfield, West Chester, and Oxford are also located in Butler County. Oxford is also the home of Miami University.

The purpose of this site is to provide public information concerning the Butler County Bar Association and its activities, and the legal system within Butler County.


Daniel J. Phillips, President
Adolfo Olivas, First Vice-President
D. Joseph Auciello, Second Vice-President
Cassandra E. Kiesey, Secretary/Treasurer
Patricia J. Downing, Immediate Past President


Traci Combs-Valerio   Michael J. Hallee
Kevin L. Cooney   Hon. Margot Halcomb
Catherine L. Evans   James G. Robinson

Melanie R. Cain, Executive Director
Robert J. Qucsai, BCBA Contract Attorney
Christopher J. Pagan, Esq., Bar Counsel