The Association operates a Lawyer Referral Service which can provide the name of a subscribing Butler County attorney who is available for consultation concerning specific legal issues. The Lawyer Referral Service can be reached at (513) 896-6671.


Who provides this referral service?

The Butler County Bar Association is a non-profit organization that provides this referral service for the benefit of our lawyer members and for the community at large. Our lawyer referral service directs you to one or more of our members who may help you. The referral service has been reviewed and approved by the Ohio Supreme Court.

What is the fee for the referral service?

Our referral service is offered as a service to the Butler County community at no charge. You will be charged by the referring attorney when you meet. The lawyers agree to charge a discounted fee of $50 to meet with you for up to 30 minutes. Most of the lawyers will meet with you longer than 30 minutes and some may agree to meet with you at no charge certain types of matters. The referred lawyer will discuss the fees you should expect if you hire the lawyer for services beyond the consultation.

Who are the referred lawyers?

The lawyers maintain private practices of law. The lawyers do not work for the Association. Most of the lawyers have offices in Butler County. The lawyers all have licenses in good standing to practice law in Ohio. We verify the lawyers are in good standing with the Butler County Bar Association and the Ohio Supreme Court. Still, you should ask questions about the lawyer’s experience and skills at the consultation before hiring the lawyer for additional services.

How do I get the name of a lawyer from the referral service?

When you call us at (513)896-6671, a recording will first provide you with helpful information, so please have pen and paper ready to take notes. A staff member will then talk to you and ask for your name, telephone number, address, and zip code. You will tell the staff member the type of legal matter, however, do not provide the staff member any of the details regarding the matter: Wait until you meet with the referred lawyer. The staff member will give you the name and number of a lawyer who may help you. Please note: The staff member is not a lawyer and cannot answer your legal questions.

What do I do once I have the name of the referred lawyer?

Contact the lawyer by phone. Do not expect to talk directly to the lawyer or to receive answers to your legal questions over the phone. You will talk to the lawyer’s staff, schedule an appointment, and pay the $50 consultation fee when you meet with the lawyer.

What if the referred lawyer decides not to meet with me or represent me?

The lawyers we refer you to may for various reasons decline to meet with you or represent you. You may always call the Association for the name of another attorney who may meet with you.